We, Yu-Feng Aluminum Co. Ltd. established in 1980, specializes in aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting manufacturing. Possessing many years of expertise, practical experience, and the arrangement of high-performance processing, we provide to customers the best services with advanced skill, competitive prices, and the highest standard quality of products.


The products we make include components of woodworking machinery, instrument components, automobile and motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, instrument components, electro and pneumatic parts, LED lighting and lamp parts, gas oven and heater components… etc. In management and manufacturing, we strengthen internal collaboration to control quality strictly systematized together with automated computer-controlled production in order to supply more accurate and constant quality products.


Approved quality and friendly response from reliable customers are our powerful motive to advance innovation. In accordance with the principles of respect for professionalism, demand for top quality and service-oriented, we try to meet customers every demand with gratefulness. Let Yu-Feng always be your most loyal and trusted partner.

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